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Vaping for Beginners + Learn To do Vape Tricks

Vaping for Beginners

Smoking Kills’ is a well-established truth. Getting over the smoking addiction is easy said than done. Vaping has opened up new avenues for not only getting over smoking but also enjoying the flavors of life like never before. Vaping for beginners is a blessing in the air.

Vaping for beginners is fun. Unlike smoking, vaping involves playing around with vaping trickswith a variety of vaping mods. Vaping gives you a unique socialization platform that smoking could never provide and that is what the beauty of vaping for beginners is!

It will be but foolish if we don’t understand what vaping for beginners means. You can start vaping at any age (of course more than 18). A beginner does not imply that you do not have knowledge of why and how of vaping.

There are three types of vaping beginners –

  1.  Vapers,
  2.  Converts e. those who quit smoking and took up vaping, and
  3.  Potential converts i.e. those who want to quit smoking. You can identify yourself as one of them.

Vapers or converts are already in the zone but for potential converts, it may take a while before they figure out what vaping is. Vaping is much more fun when you start following vaping tips and start enjoying vaping tricks. Let’s have a look at some of the basic ones.   

Vaping for Beginners – Five Cool Vaping tricks for beginners

The Waterfall

  • This is the easiest one. All you need is thick vape and an empty PET bottle.
  • Inhale deeply and exhale the vape inside an empty bottle. While you are at it, make sure the vape does not spill outside the bottle.
  • Once you are done simply empty the bottle on the floor or a table. The thick vape will fall bouncing as if a mini waterfall.
  • Add some spice to it. Wear magician’s clothes and a round of applause is guaranteed. Know more about the waterfall-vaping trick here.

The Bubble

  • One more super easy vape trick. All you need is a bubble or soap solution and a ring. Soap solution and the ring can be bought from a toy shop.
  • Inhale deeply and hold the vape inside your mouth. Now deep the ring in the soap solution and hold it in front of your mouth, visible in this vape trick – the bubble video.
  • Release the vape slowly. The vape will start creating a bubble due to the surface tension of the soap solution. It’s up to you, how big you want to go.

The Mushroom Cloud

  • Aah! This one is the commonest one. Remember, the bubblegum balloon you used to make as a child. Here instead of a bubble, you make a mushroom and then inhale it back.
  • Also known as Ghost Hit, this trick needs slight control over your breathing. You may experience a cough as you practice this trick.
  • If you are doing it right, the exhaled vape that you inhale again makes a shape of a mushroom or as if a ghost was released but taken back.

The Dragon

  • Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons are vaping champs! This trick does not involve the dragon-dragon, so relax!
  • Inhale deeply but when you release, release with full force and from all the openings of nose and mouth like shown here.
  • To make the dragon more realistic make sure you close your mouth tightly keeping only two small openings at both the sides. Dress up like a dragon on a Halloween party and do this trick!

The Tornado

  • Another easy trick. All you need is a flat surface, preferably black colored. The trick is similar to the waterfall, but here instead of a PET bottle, you make use of the flat surface to rest the vape.
  • Inhale deeply and exhale as much as you can on the flat surface. Exhale slowly so that the vape starts accumulating on the surface and then make a quick hand movement to split the vape into two parts creating mini tornados.  

If you want to try some expert vaping tricks follow this article titled get to know 10 proper vaping techniques from e-cig experts.