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Where to buy CBD oils ?

Cannabis CBD oils have grown in popularity over the last decade,  advertising of such products is under strict “No No” by means of the TGA “ Therapeutic Goods Association “ 

But there is a large selection of Black market Products available, how do you know what one is real and what isn’t? 

CBD oil can’t just be produced by any regular person, they must be registered and have the permission and approval to do so, Even with that they than need to find a Hemp supplier and Extract the Hemp Sativa plant for it’s Cannabinoids eg CBD . This process is not done easily. So if your buying a oil from the local hippy shop or cannabis dealer, your most likely getting cheap “Bud Oil” a basic easy to make Tincture, often labeled as or called CBD or Full spectrum CBD, 9 times out of ten it’s “Bud oil” “Feco oil” Not worth the bottle they are placed in , unless your buying it from a pharmacy or a Trusted Registered business , your not helping this become 1000% legal Join the fight and stand up for cannabis in Australia 🇦🇺