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Limited Edition Vape Juices

Limited Edition Vape Juices

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Fruity Haze : A Tropical mixture of Australian fruits and A hint of menthol
Will leave you begging for more !

Fairy Fart 💨: Disgustingly Good ! , freshly spun fairy floss , be careful . It’s very sticky

BAKED Banana Haze Pie 🥧: Slightly different to the Main Banana pie we make, This one has a Extra Kick of Pastry and Bananas , it’s Addictive. You been warned!

Watermelon Sugar High : Tastes like Strawberries in the summer Evening’ Inspired by a song Constantly played on the Radio 📻 I couldn’t help but Smash Together this watermelon and rockmelon Mix . You to will have this stuck in your bloody head 🤣

Coffee Haze : Barista Coffee with full cream milk and 2 tea spoons of Suger and whoops Canna Ext ! Cannacoffe ! Your welcome Coffee lovers 🙏

Fairy Kush 🧚‍♀️

Australian Cheesecake With Strawberry 🍓 & raspberry . It’s so Lux , the Queen would Use it . No shit 😂

1000 Aussie H Ext
0mg Nicotine
30ml Chubby gorilla bottles
Natural and artificial flavours

Limited Edition Style labels 🏷

While the oils is low on stock . Nows a good time to Try this as well 🙏🌱🍁💯