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RedDirtOrganicsNT 24ct Gold / Sterling silver Coins

RedDirtOrganicsNT 24ct Gold / Sterling silver Coins

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RedDirtOrganics Advocates VIP Coin

Available in 24ct & Sterling Silver layered 

Be Hold , this coin is more than just a coin . it’s a Sign of Supporting the fight for Cannabis to be 100% legal without restrictions , for all to grow and use at home . Because  “Its dopey Not to legalise Cannabis”

Not just for one state or Territory, but Australia Wide .

buy a Coin and Show your love and Support

  • 1 in 5 come with a %40 Off Discount Code . Valid for 6 Months . “Unlimited use”
  • Applies to only RedDirtOrganics Products  
  • Limit 5 per customer Per order . Order as many times as you like .