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Bad Ass Herbal Mix. Passion Flower
Bad Ass Herbal Mix. Passion Flower

Bad Ass Herbal Mix. Passion Flower

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Bad Ass Passionflower Herbal Smoke Mix

The Bad-Ass Herbal Smoke Mix can be used as a Tobacco Substitute. It is perfect for quitting smoking and diluting other smoking herbs when you are on a budget. This product makes an excellent add-on for all Smoking customers.

Passionflower is best known as a remedy for insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns. It’s great for short-term bouts of sleeplessness. It is used to relieve muscle tension and calm anxiety.

The Effects of Passionflower

For insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns
Has been used as a gentle sedative for pain relief and tranquillising effects
Widely known to be good for anxiety, tension, and irritability
Gentle sedative properties produce a smoothing and relaxing effect
Reduces nervous over activity and panic
Non-addictive herbal tranquilliser
Can be used for overcoming nicotine cravings
Pain killing properties for toothache, period pain, and headaches
Used to treat a diverse range of nervous conditions such as asthma, palpitations, high blood pressure, and muscle cramps

Has Been Used For

Over activity and panic
Nicotine cravings
Pain killer
High blood pressure
Muscle cramps

How to consume Bad Ass

Can be smoked
Can be vaporised – temperature recommended between 302°F and 347°F (150°C and 175°C)
Can be drank as a tea